DSC 1140The China-Nordic Research Center (CNARC) was established in Shanghai on 10th December 2013 by 10 Member Institutes, four Chinese and six Nordic, which all have capacities to influence and coordinate Arctic research. CNARC's purpose is to provide a platform for academic cooperation to increase awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Arctic and its global impacts, as well as to promote cooperation for sustainable development of the Nordic Arctic and coherent development of China in a global context. CNARC's research themes include: (1) Arctic climate change and its impacts, (2) Arctic resources, shipping and economic cooperation, and (3) Arctic policy-making and legislation.

CNARC activities will include (a) carrying out joint research projects in accordance with the research themes, (b) developing Arctic research networks and frontiers by providing opportunities for Chinese and Nordic scholars to conduct Arctic research through fellowships and scholarships, (c) convening regularly the China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium and other workshops, and (d) facilitating information sharing and cultural exchange between China and Nordic Countries in Arctic context. CNARC will offer fellowships for scholars and scholar-/ internships for students at Nordic and Chinese institutes to conduct collaborative research within CNARC network for a period of one to six months.

Symposia and meetings CNARC shall meet on a yearly basis in form of China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium on a predetermined topic with regards to the Arctic research. Member institutes shall take turns to host the Symposium, rotating annually between Chinese and Nordic member institutes. CNARC can also host workshops independently or jointly with other organizations.

CNARC is composed of an Assembly of Member Institutes (hereafter named the Assembly), a Director and a Secretariat. The Assembly is formed by representatives from each member institute, and operates by consensus. The Chair of the Assembly is a Chinese representative, while a co-chair comes from a Nordic Member Institute. The Assembly provides recommendations on collaborative research priorities and projects, on candidates of fellowships, and advices on organization of the Symposium, and operation of the Secretariat. The Director and Secretariat are hosted by PRIC. They are responsible for the operation of CNARC and carrying out advices for development from the Assembly.

The director is the executive leader according to the objectives and priorities of CNARC and has the duty to carry out recommendations offered by the member institutes. The director shall have responsibilities, to manage work programs approved, and to take initiatives and put forward proposals in order to ensure the efficient execution of CNARC's work. The director shall work in a neutral capacity and serve terms of two years. The role of vice-director(s) is to provide assistance to the director. Secretariat The Secretariat shall be located at the Strategic Studies Division, PRIC, in Shanghai and consist of a staff in charge of communication and coordination with Chinese and Nordic member institutes respectively. The duties of the Secretariat are to help coordinate work programs, facilitate information exchange, prepare annual report of CNARC, circulate CNARC newsletters, administer the fellowship and scholarship programs and coordinate symposia in cooperation with respective host institutes.


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