China Institute for Marine Affairs - CIMA

Founded in 1987, China Institute for Marine Affairs (CIMA) under the Ministry of Natural Resources of P. R. China, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing policy recommendations and legal advice on a wide range of thematic areas at the core of marine affairs. As a national think tank, CIMA brings together leading experts and experienced scholars in the fields of the law of the sea, maritime management, ocean governance, marine economy, marine technology, marine biology, marine resources, etc., serving as a bridge for communication between the government and the academia.

In the area of Arctic studies, CIMA focuses mainly on the legal and policy dimensions, and provides legal advice on Arctic scientific investigations, researches, and environmental protection activities, assisting relevant Arctic activities to be reasonable and consistent with international law and regional rules.

Mailing address:

China Institute for Marine Affairs

Ministry of Natural Resources

No. 1, Fuxingmenwai Ave.,

Xicheng District,

Beijing 100860, China

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